Wedding Queen agency is pleased to present our new package offers!

Wedding Agency QUEEN
The agency team Queen offers you an extensive range of services, offer. Not necessarily to use all our services, you can use only what you need. Do not hesitate to contact us, We will gladly answer all your questions!

~ Consulting and planning your event, wedding, baptism, birthday, prom, corporate holiday, etc..
~ Assistance in choosing a location
~ Preparation of individual design, topic selection, style, colors, matter, decoration
~ Professional lighting, projection and sound
~ Script
~ Tips for the most important details related to menu selection and any additional costs
~ Organize and control the whole wedding
~ Complex care for the bride
~ Preparation of a detailed program and organization for the day
~ Making wedding budget and tips for optiminizirane costs
~ Care ceremonial - committing hours and locations Ritual house, Church and other
~ Design and manufacture of wedding invitations
~ Design and tasting wedding cake
~ Gifts for guests - and make proposals
~ Plan to accommodate guests, scheme masses

Wedding photography

~ Catering
~ Leading the wedding
~ Wedding Photographer
~ Videoperator
~ drone
~ Photo box
~ DJ
~ Dance Formation.
~ Guest Artist
~ Music rock band with vocals
~ Car Rental
~ Artist
~ Barber
~ Designer
~ Animator
~ Fireworks / dawn

Ritual home