Demetrius James ranks among the best photographers in the country. Creates and develops in the field of photography more than 15 years. His true passion is wedding photography, and his style is genuine. Draws inspiration from their Honeymoon. In the shots you can read every emotion, every feeling and bring in beautiful tales, who paints so skillfully. He made a thousand shots in his career and says, every time tries to show something new, something different, something, to excite his senses and his genuine pleasure:


– "I have always tried my photos look like magazine cover, an idea a little more fashion…I like normal girls and boys, that film feel like stars,as models, time wedding photography has changed a lot and now things are closer to artistic wedding photography,little journalistic style, looking more emotion, aesthetics,chart,suggestion and light. After so many years and hundreds of weddings, that we shot I can say, now I work with rich experience, with much more passion, enthusiasm and energy. "

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