Топ 4 на най – актуалните предложения за сватбени прически с наполовина вдигната коса
April 24 , 2017 weddings

Top 4 most - current offers for wedding hairstyles with half raised hair

We all know, that behind the perfect wedding day stand many hours serious organization, hundreds of decisions, samples and thoughts.


One of the most - important issues, that any future bride's wonders: How to approach her hair? Whether it is raised or lowered? Classic wedding hairstyle or something - free light romantic curls, straight or curly? still questions, without which we can not drift away! We offer a compromise, which is exactly half - can one part of your hair, be secured high, and the rest is spread freely on your shoulders.
In case, the idea that you like,We will offer some interesting inspirations:




1.Hairstyle volume


This hairstyle is not very difficult to implement, but at the expense of desperately spectacular! The upper part of the hair is lifted up and very gently grips with hairpins. It's good to focus on hairspray, to allow the hair to remain in the desired form. You can bet on a beautiful hair accessory, which will bring more shine in your vision. Important for this hairstyle is to achieve volume, and lowered hair would look stunning with light curls.





2.Plait with flowers


The braids are an absolute classic and never go out of fashion! They may be our very good partner in the search for the perfect wedding hairstyle. A burning issue now is to combine with jewelry, flowers, Beads and other.







3. curls, attached to one side

Here we have a - a representative of elegant wedding hairstyles, that deserves your attention. This is a very beautiful vision, with piled on one side hair pins and pull the rest of the mane back. Another plus of this hairstyle is, that suits both brunettes, and the blondes.




4. Twisted strands in various combinations


Here you have freedom of action and a huge sweep! The upper part can be secured in different ways, to turn clumps of it, in the back of the head. This wedding hairstyle is very easy to implement, Bohol suitable for weddings or any more - free spirit and hippie - oriented bride.









Dear ladies, do not forget, that perfect wedding hairstyle is this, that makes the bride feel confident and stunning, but also a comfortable and lightweight. Smile for the picture and discover this wonderful person beautiful memories, shining from the wedding album.